It has been common knowledge for some time that Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has been inching gamers ever-so-closer to the conclusion of the conflict between the forces of light and dark. Now, the development team has made the official announcement that The Final Shape, the expansion that will bring this decade-long story arc to a close, will be released on February 27, 2024.

Bungie Reveals Destiny 2's Final Shape Expansion And Witch Season

Bungie claims that in The Final Shape, Guardians will face their final foe, The Witness, with allies from their years of adventures in Destiny 2, such as Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and Cayde-6, who has somehow returned after dying in the game’s Forsaken expansion. Bungie says that Cayde-6 has somehow returned after dying in the game’s Forsaken expansion. In order to put a stop to the War of Light and Darkness with the Vanguard, players will enter the very core of the Traveler when they take on the Final Shape.

According to Bungie’s announcement, a new raid will go live in March 2024, not long after The Final Shape is made available to players. Alongside this raid, a brand-new World First Race will get underway on the day it is launched.

According to the text of a news release, “During the campaign of The Final Shape, Guardians will explore a mysterious new destination known as The Pale Heart, which is located inside the Traveler.” “The Pale Heart destination will feature nostalgic callbacks from throughout the history of the Light and Darkness Saga, including a version of the original Tower from Destiny. This destination was shaped by The Witness, but it was also influenced by the history and journey of the Guardians themselves.”

Bungie claims that because The Pale Heart was the first “linear destination” in the history of Destiny, it will continue to develop over time.

According to Bungie, this expansion adds three new Super powers and Aspects forms. These new abilities are Void for Titans, Solar for Warlocks, and Arc for Hunters. Each of these abilities was developed with the goal of improving teamplay. There is also a new weapon class in Destiny 2 called the Rocket Pistol Sidearm, as well as a new Support Frame Auto Rifle that can do damage while also healing friends. Both of these new weapons have unique abilities. With the release of The Final Shape, players will have access to legendary weapons from the first Destiny game as well as a brand-new Exotic Fusion Rifle.

A brand new variety of foes known as Subjugators will be included in this expansion. They have the ability to use the Stasis and Strand powers, which makes them a danger to all of the Guardians.

In addition, Bungie detailed a few items that would be coming to Destiny 2 over the course of the following year. Among these are Episodes, the new method that the development studio will use to handle seasonal content. The title of the first episode will be Echoes, and it will air for the first time in March of 2024. The second episode is titled Revenant, and the third episode is titled Heresy. Collectively, these three episodes will chronicle what happens in the aftermath of the events that took place in The Final Shape. According to Bungie’s statements, they will also offer an increased amount of content and awards in comparison to earlier Destiny 2 seasons.

Bungie Reveals Destiny 2's Final Shape Expansion And Witch Season

The Final Shape is available for presale in three different editions: the ordinary edition, a more premium version that includes the annual pass, and a Collector’s Edition that includes everything in the first two editions as well as a replica model of the original Tower and other items.

The Witching Time of the Year

In addition to the unveiling of The Final Shape that took place today, Bungie also provided details on what players may anticipate from the newly released Season of the Witch for Destiny 2: Lightfall.

According to a press release, “In Season of the Witch, Guardians will continue their ongoing pursuit of The Witness and will confront old allies and enemies along the way,” “The ghost of Savathun, Immaru, has a proposition for you: help her resurrect The Witch Queen in exchange for your assistance in vanquishing her sister, Xivu Arath. In return, Savathûn will provide the secret to opening the portal via the Traveler, which leads to the location where The Witness is getting ready to carry out “The Final Shape.”

Guardians will have the ability to tap into the arcane magic of the Hive in order to assist their comrade Eris Morn in her transformation into a Hive god for the purpose of combating the Hive God of War.

Bungie touts the Deck of Whispers as a new form of player development that allows Guardians to modify their loadouts and powers in new ways. The Deck of Whispers is one of the most important features included in the Season of the Witch expansion. “By completing Seasonal activities, players earn cards that can be used to build a customized deck full of buffs and perks for certain activities,” Bungie adds. “These cards can then be used by the player in whatever activity they choose.” “Players in fireteams have the option to carefully strategize which cards they bring along to maximize their battle effectiveness on each run.” / “Players in fireteams have this option.”

Bungie Reveals Destiny 2's Final Shape Expansion And Witch Season

Timeline Reflections is one of the many features that improve the game’s overall quality that are included in Season of the Witch. According to Bungie, these quick playable missions may be accessed through the Timeline function in the Director. They provide concise narrative introductions and summaries of important narrative events that occur throughout Destiny 2’s story. Timeline Reflections is designed to bring new players up to speed on the ongoing plot of the game while also giving veteran players the opportunity to revisit pivotal moments from the game’s history.

The advent of this season brings with it the availability of three different Timeline Reflections: Cayde-6’s conclusive battle against the Scorn, which can be found in the Forsaken expansion; the introduction of Stasis, which can be found in the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2; and the unveiling of the Lucent Hive, which can be found in the Witch Queen expansion. These quests will be made available to any player completely free of charge.

As part of the Season of the Witch, Crota’s End will become accessible to players on September 1, along with a brand new World’s First Raid dedicated to the zone.

This this weekend, from August 24 to August 27, you will have the opportunity to gain access to the Witch Queen addition at no cost. In addition, it will be available for purchase between the dates of the 22nd and the 5th of September. Members of PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium can also access The Witch Queen at this very moment.

It is now possible to play Destiny 2: Lightfall – Season of the Witch. The next addition for the game, titled The Final Shape, will be live on February 27, 2024, across all platforms on which Destiny 2 may be played.